How do I get Fanatic for my Organisation?

To get Fanatic for your Organisation you can Contact us to set up an appointment where we can discuss your Organisations app needs. You can also contct us through our Official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Is Fanatic just for Football Clubs?

Simply put if you have not registered your domain name, the answer is yes, you should secure your companies domain name now before someone else does.

Once you have secured your domain name it is yours for the period of time that you have leased it, methods are in place to prevent it being taken or moved away without your consent.  For instance the IPSTAG needs set to another provider on .co.uk domain names and this can only be performed by the registrant.  For .coms the domain must be unlocked to be moved and an unlock code requested, this unlock code will be supplied to the owner of  the domain and you must supply this to the company moving the domain for you for it to be moved.

In worst case senario should your domain be moved and you not agree to this we can contact the body that is in charge of the domain extension eg. Nominet for .co.uk's and ICANN for .com and explain the situation and validate ownership.  They will then move the domain back to your control.

No. At Fanatic we also do apps for Football Leagues and Associations. We also hope to roll out Fanatic to other team sports but no date for this has been set.